What’s Spectro?

Spectro is an analytics system that tracks and reports the visitors paths in a shop, mall or supermarket. With a web platform, it offers accurate data to manage the performance of business operations and to analyze the visitors based on their behaviors.

A powerful platform for visitors behavior

The challenge was analyze and design the wireframe for the online platform where the user can monitor the traffic and trade performance, and study the behavior of their visitors and employees. The client requested the design of a powerful platform, where data could be analyzed and compared, in a single shop or between more than one.

The discovery

When we began to analyze the initial brief and to research other similar platforms, we realized that we needed to define a new content layout.

Spectro technology is capable of analyze from the number of people passing in front of a shop or entering inside of it, to the time a visitor spend at the paying point. That's why the amount of data obtained is very large, and we had to find a way to show them in a comparative and organized way.

We took references from Google Analytics, the information and how the data was displayed resembled our projections.

The result

We designed an adaptable platform for any type of commerce, a supermarket, shopping mall or small scale shop. All data are possible to compare within a single shop or between branches.

We applied heat maps to show the most transit zones and the time each customer spend at the differents points. We used tree map charts to compare the visitors flows between different product categories of a shop.

El proceso de comparación permite comparar varios datos dentro de una misma sucursal o tomar un dato y compararlo entre varias sucursales. In addition, we achieved to compare several data within the same branch or take a data and compare it between several branches. The comparition process let the user compare several data of a single shop, or to take some information Para este proyecto se realizó solamente el avance UX, no se solicitó el UI de la plataforma. Con los avances obtenidos, el cliente continuó por su cuenta con el proceso de desarrollo.